Tumor of cancer of the malignant lymph nodes, and the seal, after the increase, welded to the surrounding tissue. Cancer of metastatic tongue, especially in the first, which has more free to relate to clear the movement to them. Oral cancer of the border scarlet refers to the visual translation of cancer, it is easy to have a diagnosis, you can be in contact with the inspection without any special equipment pest. The last of the morphological changes Stomatoskopa he saw. You other words, you need to make sure visite singulair site the clinical diagnosis of tumor morphological study. E. method diseased cells or tissues. Cell test enables an accurate diagnosis in 90% to 95% of cases. More to take or take the hole, material in these cases. "Soft" cancerous tumor produces a wealth of touch, but the lean of the "solid", the abolition of the cancer, always only to study is not enough. One way to detect a recently of cancer, to be capable of correct diagnosis in 99% of cases, is the study of pathological biopsy tissue sample.


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